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We are a brand that Redefines & Bridges the gap in communities through Love, Inspiration, & Awareness. 


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We are a firm believer in education. We believe an education not only enriches the mind, body, and soul it also improves the community. We believe learning is CONSTANT. We encourage ALL to continue to use all resources that are available.  We can harm ourselves and our community by not taking advantage of our resources. 

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"We believe our History can have an influence on our present and future. It is so important to not only reflect on the past, so we do not repeat mistakes of our pasts; but also to learn, grow and simply give homage to those who laid the foundation to set the path for us to continue.”

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We believe within every work environment; each working class level deserves respect. Whether its employees, seasoned staff or management. No matter our professional level we all provide a service that holds value to our community. Choosing to respect our coworkers is an action of esteem and respect for ourselves & others. 

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We are firm believers in doing our best to help our community. Please join us by donating funds to Bronx Charter School For Better Learning Enrichment Programs that will support the two schools BBL1 & BBL2. To learn more go here.  On behalf of BBL1 & BBL2, we are so thankful for your support!

We currently have a petition going to help get school bus monitors on all school buses in New York.

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