Don't you just love getting real feedback, advice, and suggestions on things that do not only have a buck behind sharing it?
We believe in trying things ourselves. Our verification process is a part of building trust. Sharing information through experience allows us to have a better relationship with our readers and brands. Learn more about our reputation and see some of the brands  #GIRLVERIFIED here.  Scroll down for more information 

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#GIRLVERIFIED allows our Editors and contributors to share their experience with a product. As a reminder, we encourage you to always try out products for yourself to make sure they work for you.


is in no way forcing any of our readers to purchase or try the product. Our goal is only to share our experience and give direction on where to buy. Please use discretion.  Read our Terms & Conditions here

*PLEASE NOTE* Everything on our website says #GIRLVERIFED, however, actual products that were used by our Editors will state so. We are currently updating those products. If you see an item that does not have #GIRLVERIFIED at the end of the article and you would like to confirm, please email us at


  1. Brands/ Businesses send us their products or give us access to try their service. (We prefer a variety since we have a diverse team of Editors. ) 
  2. We then divide or assign the product/service to an Editor(s). That Editor(s) spend a minimum of three weeks trying out the product or service. 
  3. If the Editor(s) love the product/service, then we consider it #GIRLVERIFIED and place them under our #GIRLVERIFIED segment. 
  4. We Do charge for sponsorship articles however, we DO NOT accept products in return for an article or feature. If the product is gifted to our Editors it has to go through the verification process.
  5. If a brand submits a product to us, there is NO guarantee we will feature that product. Consider requesting a sponsored article by emailing our Public Relations Department at 
  6. If we are not happy or do not fancy a product or service, we will not mention or bash it on any of our platforms. If you do not see your product on our platforms within 6 months it mostly means it did not meet the #GIRLVERIFICATION process. 
  7. If the article states (sponsored) as well as #GIRLVERIFIED it means we offer a link which you may purchase the item through one of our affiliates. Alternatively, after the #GIRLVERIFIED process, which is a minimum of three weeks the brand requested to incorporate a coupon, discount, or additional information which then combines an advertisement. Also, we may have previously #GIRLVERIFIED a product and now are offering a sponsored/or advertising article or banner ad. 

To get your product #GIRLVERIFIED Follow instructions below. 

  1. Email us at or fill out the form below and let us know you are sending products our way. You may choose to add tracking number details this way our Editors can look out for it. 
  2. Make sure you include as much information about your product in the email as well as the package. 
  3. Send products addressed carefully to the address below. 
  4. Please DO NOT send any products to any unauthorized location. Forward to our Google verified address below as we only accept deliveries at our Westchester, New York area.
  5. We DO NOT return products.
    1. There is NO guarantee we will feature your product. Consider requesting a sponsored article by contacting our Public Relations Department at 

send to: 




Attention: Nicola H. Styles


Due to the heavy volume of submissions, we may not be able to contact you once received or if published. Please make sure you keep up with us on our social media; you can also view #GIRLVERIFY on Apple News for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Quickly search GIRLVERIFY (all caps and separate the words) and be sure add to your favorites. 
Our Instagram accounts: @girlverify

If you previously sent products to us and have not been contacted, please click here to notify our Public Relations/Sponsorship team. Due to the recent updates to our platform, there may be a slight delay in getting the items/service #GIRLVERIFIED.

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