What to watch? Zero-Zero

Zero-Zero was well received by audiences and our Editors. We give Zero-Zero

-FIVE out of SIX Cocktails. -

Thursday Zero-Zero by Randall Whittinghill had its west coast premiere at the very prestigious festival LA Shorts International Festival. This festival features the most incredible Shorts internationally, and Zero-Zero is one of them. Zero-Zero has been in two Academy Award recognized festivals. Florida Film Festival and LA Shorts International Festival. With thousands of submissions and approx., 182 accepted, Zero-Zero is considered one of the top twelve must see shorts from the Florida Festival and rated four stars. Read the Florida review on Orlando Weekly here

Zero-Zero, is a short film about an unlikely bond between a little girl and her seemingly shady neighbor, is an absolute treasure.

Many people may not know what a short is. A short film is any film not long enough to be considered a feature film. It gives you an excellent introduction to what the film would be about if it were a full movie. Usually short run about 40 minutes or less. 




  • Director & Writer: Randall Whittinghill
  • Starring: Antonio D. Charity as Gary and Kruiz Mauga as Rya
  • OC Voice: Jonathan Nyberg (baseball announcer)
  • Producers: Jacob Patrick, Anna-Vera Dudas, Randall Whittinghill, Ben Holmes, KrisD Mauga of Refined Rebel
  • Director of Photography: Brandon Alperin
  • 1st Ad: Anna-Vera Dudas
  • Casting Director: Jayk Gallagher, Brandon Alperin
  • Associate Producer: Lano Medina
  • Art Director: Chad Phillips
  • Hair & Makeup: Mana Afshar
  • Sound: Mason Hankins
  • Editors: Lazlo Dudas, Samphone Liam
  • Finishing Editor: Anna-Vera Dudas
  • Assistant Editor: Chris Osborn
  • 1st AC: Bob Fredericks- Day 1, Carolina Rodriguez-Day 2
  • Sound designer: Paul Hackner
  • Mori Operator: Eric Ulbrich
  • G&E Danny Vincent
  • Ronin Operator: Brandond Emery