What are the FIVE steps to entrepreneurial fearlessness?

What are the FIVE steps to entrepreneurial fearlessness?

When you start your online business, one of the first things you will seek is some validation. There's an energy that gets transferred and pushes you forward.

You begin your mission to launch your new career in an online business. You pitch to the people that surround you the most. Many times you will get a pat on the back, a #GOAHEADGIRL. You have received the support and feel you are ready to begin your process of your web career. 

You look for inspiration and come across amazing businesses, blogs, and individuals that have a success story. Through your research, you learn their success happened rather quickly.  It is right there, and then you envision how it can happen to you. You have discovered they have been featured by some of the best and recognized magazines and blogs. You are now yearning for that same acknowledgment of your peers. 

You begin to think how you too can gain your success.  You know you have a great concept, product, and blog and you deserve recognition. You consume yourself with that fire. Your mind shifts with a combination of thoughts, one being how could you build an association with those you admire, yet they are your competition?  Overwhelmed with it all, you begin to lose yourself and not even realize it. 

As you spend lots of time creating your beautiful brand, in the back of your head there's this little voice that tells you; you can do this.  Look at what others in the industry are doing, see what the big names are executing and find a commonality. 

Time to Rebrand. 


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If you need to scream or moan or cry out your frustration, #GOAHEADGIRL. Once you have completed that, read on. 

Say it three times




  • Secondly, realize that you do need the acceptance from your audience and your customers.  Yes acknowledgment from industry leaders and larger brands are fantastic and fruitful, but just like you, they too had a starting point, and the validation they received was from YOU (the customer, the reader, the audience.)

Five steps to fearlessness:

  1. Don't focus your energy on acknowledgment from anyone other than the customers, readers
  2. Be inspired and motivated from your peers in your industry. Remember, not all that glitters is gold.  The stories, interviews, and information you read of others online are diluted to give you hope; edited and tailored to give you a great read, but, behind the scenes, there are tears, stress, and anger. 
  3. Persistence is key.  If you blog and interview a person who does not share or offer you your credit, it is their loss. For you to use your time and effort to share a successor speaks volumes of your character.  Your integrity will shine through, and it states who you are as a creator.  No one accepts to interview with someone unless that person's brand peaks their interest. The lack of acknowledgment on their part is fear, the fear of you and your amazing creation. Those who acknowledge, no matter how big their brand is, do this because they are confident in their work.  If their brand is substantial, they will maintain their position in the industry. 
  4. Build confidence.  When you are confident, you do not need validation.  Take another look at what you created. It took effort, time, love, passion and determination. That was you all along validating yourself. 
  5. If you have a dream, a goal or a business you would like to pursue, DO NOT focus on the bigger brands shouting you out or the ones that didn't even say thank you for their mention. Focus on your brand, your readers, and your consumers.  You are a force to be reckoned.
#GOAHEADGIRL I can hear you roar!
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We still love summer braids.

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