We're highlighting eight young girls doing their thing.

With all that's going on in this world, it's a pleasure to see young people still making waves and doing everything they can to make things happen. We're highlighting eight young women who are striving to be their best.



Sarah of SC, is going into her Junior Year at Lander University.

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Congratulations Sarah!



Kaitlin ran a successful photography business since she was 14.

She shoots mainly weddings but loves shooting a little of everything in between because she adores documenting milestones. Her brand based off her personality.

"I aim to show my clients and social media audience someone who is very real and transparent, as we live in a world full of perfect. My brand is timeless, romantic and authentic.

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Congratulations Kaitlin!

Kaitlin's creative spark hit at a very young age." I remember being the girl in middle school who always brought her camera to school dances and field trips and putting captions on them in Picnik. Before that, I remember getting my first small point and shoot camera at age eight! I officially started charging in 2010.

A few tips I have used for me, and my career is:

1) Work hard and be kind to everyone. Talent is great, but it will only get you so far; you have to put the work in as well.

2) Figure out your boundaries right of the bat and stick to them. If you don’t want to work on Sunday’s, make that obvious right from the start! It would help if you had time for yourself. Respect for your clients is an obvious must, but respect for yourself is a must too.

3) Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You don’t need to compete with them; you need to compete with yourself.

I don’t think I will ever stop setting goals are learning new things. My next goal is to get more into documentary videos for all my sessions. I have bought the equipment needed and should be able to offer it full time by the end of the year!

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to get me into bossmode..

It sounds crazy, but I lay in bed and soak in the peace before the madness starts. I have this app on my phone called Design Home, and I usually start my day out playing that. Unless it’s Bachelor/Bachelorette season, then I start my morning catching up on the latest episode!

Stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to sell yourself out to “keep up” with those around you, but if you stay true to who you are a person, you’ve already succeeded in my opinion.

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High School graduate, Isabella of ca

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Congratulations Isabella!



high school graduate, Cassidy of ca

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Congratulations Cassidy!



Angelique will be headed to Valencia College to start her journey into nursing.

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Congratulations Angelique!



Faith is a beautiful model. She is also an amazing poet.

She is a Freshman at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix Arizona. Catch her poems here.

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Congratulations Faith!



Cassidy a student of the University of North Texas

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Congratulations Cassidy!



Georgia attends florida State University to study Anthropology.

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Congratulations Georgia!