TRUWOMEN Launches Female-Powered Nutrition Brand

TRUWOMEN, an LA-based nutrition company, is making its official debut with the launch of its first product offerings, TRUWOMEN bars, and powders. Inspired by the spirit of dessert, the playful lineup of four flavorful bars and two powders made with plant fueled™, protein-packed and clean ingredients. Introducing a first-of-its-kind food category called "indulgent nutrition," TRUWOMEN is dedicated to encouraging women to treat themselves in healthy, nutritious ways that promote positive self-image and self-care while satisfying cravings for decadent taste. Beyond its tasty bars and powders, TRUWOMEN brings its perspective of women-centric product design to its business practices by prioritizing female-led or -owned vendors and partners.   


In a world where "healthy" and "good taste" rarely goes hand-in-hand, TRUWOMEN boldly sets out to bring consumers a brand that celebrates amazing flavor and nutrition instead of calorie counting, dieting and body image stereotypes. The company wants to move the industry away from shaming terms like "thinking thin," "slimming fast" and "being perfect." TRUWOMEN understands women often put needs before wants and aims to marry the two with products that give women the nutrition they need and taste they crave.

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Photo credit: TRUWOMEN