#GOAHEADGIRL Abby Larson, Founder of Style Me Pretty

Texas-born mother of three, founder and editor of Style Me Pretty, Abby Larson is a self-made heroine of our generation. Founding an ultimate online resource for brides seeking inspiration across the globe, Style Me Pretty enjoys over 26 million page views a month. Abby was the girl who hoarded Domino magazines when she was younger and now finds inspiration in every aspect of her life. We grabbed a GIRLTALK session with Abby who shared some quick tips to incite your daily life.

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Abby, you have stated “Admittedly, I have the best job in the world.” How did you do it and how do you keep it so stylish?

I think that style is so personal. It is so dependent on the experiences and innate sense of what is beautiful to a particular person, or in my case, to a particular bride. We are simply the liaison to that style. We give brides, vendors, and artists a space to share a little piece of themselves, their lives. As the girl who gets to choose inspiration, I have to go no further than my computer to be entirely challenged as to what "style" really is. What style means to me? It is pretty impressive if I do say so myself!

How I stay motivated?

Not every day is easy, especially when there are such high expectations from you as an entrepreneur, mom, and a wife, on a daily basis. At times it may become overwhelming, I am sure. 
There is a constant debate as to whether moms can have it all. I believe wholeheartedly that they can, but that they have to adjust their expectation level of what having it all means. Of course, I sacrifice time with my children to build my business. However, I am also teaching them to have goals, to work hard, to dream big. When I am with the kids and not at work, I try to be present, to enjoy and savor that time so that I can carve these memories into my life. 

Some days I feel like I do not do anything all that well. Other days, I am bursting out of my skin with pure excitement. It is a dance and one that is a bit messy and imperfect. However, it is my lucky life, and I am grateful down to the every fiber of my soul for every bit of it, especially the messy imperfections.

A #GOAHEADGIRL keep going tip

Every two or three years, you will look back at pictures and think wow, I was skinny. Alternatively, wow, my hair was long, I look young. Well, guess what? You STILL look that good. So you will look good for many, many years to come. Enjoy it. Also, rock it.

A few of my tips to females:

Sleep is the best beauty product on the market, and the cheapest. Sometimes, it is just fine to skip the early night and replace it with popcorn, Bravo, and a 9 PM bedtime. 
Learning to sew a straight line means that you will never have to spend a fortune on throw pillows ever again. Also, your apartment will always look cute.

What is the one thing you know now that you would tell a younger version of yourself? 

You have got it, good girl. Don’t be in such a rush.  
— Abby Larson

The one thing every girl should know how to do?

The easiest and most beautiful meal you will ever make is a roast chicken and bake a killer chocolate cake; your home will become a magical place. 

What is your 'go to' item of clothing that makes you feel yourself and why? 

I think it is so important to establish your daily uniform that represents you and your style. In the Winter, I love pairing Joe’s Jeans with a comfy Vince Vince sweater and booties — it is such an effortless look. In the Summer, I am all about a lightweight white button down, denim cutoffs and a great pair of leather sandals.

#GOAHEADGIRL is our powerful "NO HATERS ALLOWED' 'NO BULLY ALLOWED' Movement.  Share some advice or a motivational message, especially to moms.

You know, I have a six-year-old, a healthy, beautiful six-year-old girl. She sometimes comes home in tears because kids exclude her from a game or a particular group of girls. It is only a whisper of what is to come, I am sure, but it is painful none-the-less. I tell her that she is intelligent, beautiful, kind and good. Also, when she is older, I will tell her the same thing. Also, I will add that life feels small right now. However, it is enormous. If we can hold tight to ourselves and get through this, we will get to see just how massive, just how incredible, this world is. Moreover, that there is a place in this very world made just for us.  

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