Avielle Amor is a multi-faceted digital content creator with urban chic flair. Her hobby/interests turned into a passion in 2013 when she began her YouTube channel. After a year and a half of creating, Avielle decided to leave the down south heat for the streets of NYC! Currently, a double major, when she is not working towards her degrees, she is spending her time creating!

What made you start your YouTube channel and when did you know that it was your passion?

I was active duty military for 5 years and to keep my identity I used YouTube to share my interests.

Prior to becoming a digital content creator, share what were you doing?

Well, I was in the Air Force as an Aerospace & Operational Physiologist. I was SO nervous starting my channel and putting it out there to family and friends, but everyone was very supportive and it made it a lot easier.

Do you have any favorite type of video that you enjoy making the most and why?

My favorite videos to make are my lipstick lookbooks. My first lipstick lookbook video was actually inspired by Claire Marshall. I loved how she lip synced a Nicki Minaj song while showing different shades of her favorite lipsticks. The process of making that type of video is tedious but very rewarding!

How do you balance being a wife, a student, having a life while maintaining a successful video blog?

I JUST DO IT! LOL! I take things in as they come and delegate it with realistic expectations.

What obstacles did you face in your journey towards becoming a successful vlogger?

Doubting myself and questioning the validity of my content was a struggle. I had to realize that there is someone out there that relates to me and looks to me as inspiration.

What opportunities and accomplishments have you obtained since becoming a successful YouTube personality?

Wow! So many great experiences have happened. Being able to travel around the country, appearing on The Wendy Williams Show, magazine features, and having my beauty segment on a major blog.

What are your favorite apps to use?

Instagram and Snapchat! I live for all of the quirky filters on Snapchat, and it's way easier to interact with my supporters.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to transition from a typical 9 to 5 to a digital or entrepreneurial career which uses social media?

Trademark your name and make sure you have everything legally in order. Uncle Sam should NOT be forgotten!

We love your new Beauty Channel Tech Must-Haves, where all of your recommendations + gadgets are shoppable in one place on Kit.com - why do you like using the platform?

I love using KIT because I can categorize a particular everyday life event. If you want to know what I use for my daily makeup routine or the tech gear I use to film my tutorials, I have made a KIT for it, and it is super easy to shop all of those products directly. It’s awesome working with a platform that is super easy to use, monetize and be able to put out excellent content further! 

You are featured alongside some pretty amazing Kit "creators" like Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD), Claire Marshall (@HeyClaire) and Christina Emilie (@ChristinaEmiliePhoto) - do you have a personal favorite?

Claire Marshall and Shameless Maya are my absolutes faves! Their creative content and contagious energy are inspiring! I am honored to be a feature along with them on such a great platform!  Also - thanks so much for the Insta shout out yesterday! You all are the best!

Where would you like your video blog to take you as you become successful?

I will be known as a digital media personality. So not only will I have my place online, but I will make appearances on other major platforms as a beauty expert. What’s next for you? Bright Lights, Big City! Seriously though, I will be on television building my brand as a household name for beauty.

100 pairs of shoes and only 2 feet! What was the last thing you bought for yourself?

A facial! I am OBSESSED with skincare. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup, but having a great foundation (your skin) is the primary essential for flawless makeup application.

If your cable package supplied only one channel, which would it be and what would you watch?

Whatever channel that plays The Golden Girls, and I Love Lucy on repeat.

The Golden Girls: The Complete Series
Buena Vista Home Entertainment

What do you have to say to the hate{hers} aka bullies, haters out there?

 I haven’t had to deal with bullying because I choose not to give ignorant comments my energy. The best advice I could give is to give your time and attention to those that are positive and ignore the haters.


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Images of Avielle courtesy of Avielle Amor.

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