The Angry Female: Do I have to support my friend's business?


A good friend of mine recently opened a new online shop selling a variety of products that showcase their hand-drawn designs. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find any appreciation for it and don't believe its any good.  While I know art comes in different forms; it more than feels that the art borderlines ridiculousness. Naturally, friends want the support of friends, but I am conflicted about the obvious and not wanting to discourage them meanwhile I cannot help by sharing on my social platforms.


Ultimately, each person has their taste.  Everyone is in charge of his or her own decisions and what he or she wants to offer and what he or she wants to buy.  I am a firm believer in not following trends or buying something for purposes of satisfying someone else.  I do not think anyone should make purchases unless it is a necessity for them.  Having a genuine interest in a product should be the only consideration, regardless of who is selling it. 

My suggestion is, to tell the truth.  Let people know that it does not suit your style. While you would not buy this round of art, you would be open to seeing what's in store for the future, and once something tickles your fancy, you will gladly shop.  Also, you may want to consider giving them a donation to help their process if nothing else, especially if they are a good friend.  No matter what venture someone may be on, be supportive to whatever extent you can, especially to your friend.  Keep in mind, friends, and family can be particularly sensitive when it comes to business.  You might start to feel a little strong-armed, but you can comfortably add that your social networks are for your enjoyment and you should not be manipulated to share anything thing you do not want to.  Regardless of any uncomfortable, having a very straightforward conversation will bring you much satisfaction.