Photography & Style: Williamsburg Sunset

Photography & Style goes to photographer Towards The Moon and couple Lexie & Tucker. 



From Lexie:

Tucker and I had been dating for five years; I flew out to LA for Tucker's last few days of a tour and his birthday.  After his latest show, we rented a convertible and took a road trip out to Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and headed up the coast towards Big Sur with a bunch of stops in between.  We booked some cool airbnbs and fantastic boutique hotels, but we were most excited to stay at the Madonna Inn.  It is a kitschy hotel with tons of different themed rooms to which we picked a hilarious sparkly pink room called "The Merry Room" and had a dinner reservation at their restaurant that evening.   After taking about an hour of funny photos with the sparkly walls and jumping on the bed, we got ready for dinner.  Tucker decided to wear his favorite Hawaiian shirt, as I was doing my hair; I noticed Tucker weirdly moving furniture around in the room.  I popped my head out of the bathroom to ask him why he was moving things around, He said he wanted a photo of us in front of the wall, so I ignored his huffing and puffing and continued getting ready; what a weirdo.

I finished getting ready he asked me to set up the photo timer on my phone cause I was better at it... I set it up, and we took a hideous picture and then did a redo. As the timer on the phone counted down, Tucker got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him as the photo went off. We have a picture of this moment, and it captures the moment perfectly including my shocked face.  I said yes. We went to dinner and barely ate because we were excited!  I drank a bottle of Rose he had many Moscow mules; we laughed and danced and laughed even harder when the wait staff told us they were calling Tucker Ace Ventura in the kitchen; he looked exactly like him in his Hawaiian shirt. 

He custom made me the most beautiful ring with a great friend of ours.  He kept it a secret throughout the whole process; I didn't know anything about it. The ring was made in NY, and he had shipped it to his dressing room on tour, and it arrived just hours before I got to his show that same evening so that Good Evening, I would be happy to coordinate an appointment with Michael Wildes. Please be in touch so that we can sort an appointment.  Thanks! Could ask me at some point on our road trip. 

The next day we called some family and texted some close friends, then drove to Big Sur and had no phone service for two days. We had a romantic dinner and went to bed at 8 pm.  On the last day of our trip before we jumped on the plane we both posted a picture announcing our engagement at Inn-n-out burger then turned off our phones and got on our flight!

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Style Team:

Photographer:  Towards The Moon//Other Location:East River State Park//



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