Photography & Style: A Modern Glamour Shoot

Photography & Style goes to photographer Ketino Photography and model, September for this stylish photoshoot taken at Chinatown, HI. September shares the story behind the shoot below. 



From September: "After battling my weight most of my teenage and early adult life, trying every diet scheme and exercise plan out there, I can say I've learned a ton! The truth is there is no one size fits all to health or weight loss. We're all individuals and we have to find a way to balance our lifestyles and learn moderation to truly change our lives. Patience and persistence my friends. Be gentle with yourself, love your body for what it can do instead of how it looks. Invest in the value of your future, your children, grandchildren, and spouses. I want to start an inclusive revolution in believing we are worthy of so much more than we give ourselves credit."

From the photographer: "One day at a local Hawaii thrift shop I found this gorgeous dress. Colors of it were calling me, begging me to buy it. At that time I didn't know what I would use it for. A few days later I was at another store and found shoes that literally would go perfectly with the dress. Initially, this shoot was supposed to happen with a different person, it was planned to be a couple styled shoot. It didn't work and I kept looking for someone to photograph in this dress. and one day September contacted me. She is up and coming model here in Hawaii and she was trying to expand her portfolio. We chatted and I realized she is a perfect fit for the dress. Not only it was her size, but the shoes fit as well..Talk about real life Cinderella match made in heaven. Several people mentioned how this dress looks very 80s prom tacky dress, and I guess I wanted to prove to everyone that anything can be seen beautiful."

But I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this shoot without an amazing makeup artist, Sarai who always bring my vision to life. As well as gorgeous September who simply rocked this outfit. 

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Style Team:

Photographer:  Ketino Photography//Other Location: Chinatown//Model: September Monroe//Makeup Artist: Sarai Espinoza MUA//



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