OMG IKEA has a credit card!

IKEA U.S. announced the launch of the IKEA®Visa® Credit Card, a new loyalty-driven credit card that allows customers to earn rewards on IKEA purchases and everyday spending needs such as gas, groceries and utilities.



The IKEA Visa Credit Card, which will be available starting today (May 15), will allow customers to earn meaningful rewards on their everyday purchases that they can use to purchase the IKEA products they love.

"At IKEA, we are passionate about helping our customers enjoy a better everyday life and are always looking for new ways to meet their needs," said Jacqueline DeChamps, chief operating officer at IKEA U.S. "We spent almost two years creating the new IKEA Visa Credit Card to ensure the program would support our mission by investing our profits back into value for the customer. This program is designed to reach as many of our customers as possible with the spending power to make this their credit card for everyday purchases."

Cardholders will earn 5% back in rewards on all IKEA purchases, as well as Traemand kitchen installation and TaskRabbit At-Home Assembly services, 3% back on dining, grocery and utility purchases, and 1% back on all other purchases made with the card. For more information or to apply, customers can visit

The IKEA® Visa® Credit Card is part of a broader partnership with Alliance Data's card services business to design unique financing products that will deliver meaningful credit lines and loyalty rewards to customers. In February, the IKEA Projekt Card launched, offering a store-branded financing solution for qualified customers doing major home decorating and renovation projects, such as a dream kitchen.

The new financing program is one of the many new exciting ways IKEA is growing and expanding with the aim of making the customer experience more inspiring, more convenient and even more affordable:

  • New Lower Price Shipping & Delivery: In January, IKEA U.S. began rolling out a new, lower-priced shipping and delivery option starting at $29. Delivery charges are based on the delivery zip code but are the same regardless of weight and size of the purchase. If ordering a small item online, IKEA will ship it at a new flat parcel rate of $9 - regardless of zip code.
  • Click & Collect: Last year, IKEA U.S. introduced Click & Collect, and the service is now available in 46 of 47 stores. This new functionality allows customers to purchase products online with ease and pick up in-store at their own convenience, avoiding the checkout line. The fee for Click & Collect is $5, and when picking up the order, IKEA gives a $5 IKEA Gift Card to use on a future purchase.
  • At-Home Assembly Service: In March 2018, IKEA U.S. announced its plans to rollout TaskRabbit At-Home Assembly service to its customers, now available online in select markets across the U.S. IKEA acquired TaskRabbit, the innovative on-demand platform that connects users with skilled Taskers for a variety of home services.

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Photo Credits: Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash