Indie Films that want to make a Difference

Indie Films that want to make a Difference

D.R. Tibbits and Elyes Gabel are independent L.A. film directors who wish to use the art of film in ways that benefit society. With their two upcoming films, Pinebox and Grimshaw, D.R. and Elyes seek to donate to charities in need while also shedding light on serious issues that need to be discussed within cinema. 

Pinebox , starring Kevin Breznahan and Ann Magnuson, is a film about a funeral-crasher who, inspired by a teenage boys death, wants to find the right customer for his handmade casket. This short film wants to bring awareness to LGBT teens in crisis and the production team even raised over $450 for the Trevor Project, a nonprofit focused on suicide prevention among LGBT youth. The team is currently a little over $4,000 shy from achieving the necessary funds to finance the film for festival submissions, marketing and travel expenses. Their indiegogo, complete with perks for those who contribute, can be found here

The Cast includes. 

  • Kevin Breznahan - known for  Winter Bone starring Jennifer Lawrence / Alive starring Ethan Hawke Superbad most recently : Once Upon a Time in Venice starring Bruce Willis and Billions (Showtime TV) 
  • Ann Magnuson -  known for Panic Room/  Small Soldiers / Clear and Present Danger most recently One More time starring Christopher Walken
  • Brian T. Finney - known for Million Dollar Baby / The Hand that Rocks the Cradle / Twin Peaks: The Missing
  • Cameron Dye -known for The Last Starfigther / Valley Girl starring Nicholas Cage / Men at Work starring Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen most recently Feud (TV Series) starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange. 


  • Shawn Michael Howard
  • D.R. Tibbits
  • Kel Nelson

Executive Producers:

  • David Moscow & KrisD Mauga

Grimshaw, starring Cornell Womack and Cottrell Guidry, tells the story of two men, one who is trying to come to peace with his past and another who is trying to battle his drug addiction, reconcile their broken relationship over a piece of chess. Following the idea that many people are affected by the pursuits of an addict, this film wants to delve into how addictions can have drastic effects on the addict's loved ones. A film that's created to tell the story of the loved ones. 

Like Pinebox, Mauga continues to use art to promote social change by donating 10% of proceeds to Engage the Vision. Another non-profit that allows young professionals to mentor and guide young boys aged 8-11 at Martin Luther King Elementary School in South Central L.A.  

Grimshaw needs to raise $22,231 dollars in order to completely fund their marketing ventures, festival submissions, post-production editing and pay for their talented cast and crew. Their indiegogo as well as rewards for contributors can be found here



  • Shawn Michael Howard
  • Steve Harris
  • Cottrell Guidry
  • Christian Adkins

Executive Producers:

  • KrisD Mauga
  • Evan Arnold
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