How do I get someone who works 9 to 5 to respect my entrepreneurial grind? 

How do I get someone who works 9 to 5 to respect my entrepreneurial grind? 

Keep your eyes on the prize and learn to say NO when you are running your own business. 
— Nicola Styles

No offense to the hardworking 9-5er but I do not think most of them realize the company they work for is an entrepreneur. 
If they understood, then I am pretty sure they would have more respect for your grind.  When starting out a new business, you could expect work to consist of double, sometimes even triple shifts. 

If you are working on a new business, expect distractions to come. Think back to a time when someone asked you for a favor, especially a family member or friend and you had to say no. Only for them to respond to the assertion "but you are not doing anything all day" or, they make plans and expect you to either take part in or volunteer your services without even asking.  Assuming because you do not have a traditional (9-5) job, you are home all day, and apparently, you can find the time. 



It is, however, an unnecessary guilt trip that friends and family have placed upon the #GOAHEADGIRL (entrepreneur.)

While transitioning into an entrepreneurial role, we have all encountered these challenges.  Times when you said you could not participate because you were busy only to receive remarks such as "I work a full-time job," or "I do not have your luxury to sit home all day."  If only they understood that working for yourself can be even more extensive than the amount of work they complete within their line of work at times. When they leave work, the work gets left at their workplace.  However, for an entrepreneur, there is no leaving work.  The work follows you. There is no off button or punch out a clock. 

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats and with that comes great responsibility.  You have to balance your work time and include some you time.  Indeed, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.  It is some of the hardest work you can do in your life.  It takes commitment and dedication. If only the 9-5 person understood, then maybe they would respect your time and understand when you have to say no, instead of dishing remarks when you are unavailable. 


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Here are some tips on how you can deal with the 9-5ers in your life.

  1. If you say NO, no longer explain why just say it and mean it. It does not make sense to try to explain anything about your business obligations particularly to people who have always been 9-5er's.  
  2. Learn to accept 9-5er's for who they are, people who punch the clock and are okay with it. Realize you cannot change people or make people respect you; you have to respect yourself. 
  3. Stop sharing your business stories, information, and statuses with them, especially if you are not making any money consistently. Yes, be happy and proud of what you do, but they may just not understand it. Only share new information with people in your entrepreneurial circle whom you trust, your significant other and kids. 
  4. Only say yes when you know you can. Make sure when you are doing a favor, it is coming from a right place in your heart. 
  5. Don't get angry, get even!  I mean that in a healthy way.  Keep doing what you are doing. Once you have achieved your goal, you can relish in your successes.  Stay focused, continue to pursue your dreams, and stand firm in your belief. 
  6. Last but not least: empathize with the 9-5er for they do not understand and they may never unless they try it themselves. It will make dealing with people easier. Trust me, if you have the opportunity to start your own business that means you are doing something right. You have creative freedom and time on your hands, and therefore, you decide how to use your time. You can enjoy oozing jealousy out of them. 

Above all, don't panic, don't stress, stand tough you are an entrepreneur! 

Now #GOAHEADGIRL and make things happen!
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