Hey, Beauti Reader: Meghan Brown, Manager of Two Bright Lights, shares how she gets into #BOSSMODE

About Meghan

Meghan Brown, Manager of Two Bright Lights, is passionate about creating a platform to help event professionals grow their brand and leads by connecting with publishers and other vendors. She has extensive marketing and event management experience at companies like Antony Todd Events and Roubini Global Economics and understands the challenges and opportunities creative entrepreneurs face. Growing up with a booking agent and a wedding band leader for parents there is no doubt that marketing and events are in Meghan’s DNA. Her love for music and events grew from singing and playing piano as a toddler, to performing in recording studios and at weddings and events in the years since.
Meghan holds a degree in Music Business from New York University and lives in New York with her husband.



  • Gaining exposure to all parts of a business will not only help you in your role, but it will also give you more insight into where you want your career to go. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can. I would have never known that marketing and product were a thing if I didn't jump onto a side-project.

  • When encountering a challenge, embrace it rather than run from it. While it can be scary, the unfamiliar shapes you and forces you to learn something new. Yes, you will struggle, but it can be just the push you need when you want to succeed.

  • When did you get that creative spark? 
    Coming from such a musical family, it's always been something that's in my blood. But it wasn't until after college that I got the marketing and product bug. After working on the events and operations side of the business for a while, I started to work on a website redesign. Honestly, from there, the rest is history. I am officially a product and marketing nerd now... always looking to leverage customer feedback to make our product better. 


How I get into BOSSMODE daily?

I wake up early, pour myself a huge cup of coffee and read the news or catch up on blogs. I try hard not to look at my phone until I've been awake for at least 30 minutes... It doesn't always work, but I try!


Have you achieved all your business/career goals or do you have more? 

Absolutely, not! If I did, there wouldn't be anything else to do, and that would be boring. I see goals more as progress points. Sure, you're always working towards something, but there can still be improvement or iteration. One of my big goals right now is personal development to become a better leader, focusing on reading books by amazing historical leaders from all walks of life.