Hey, Beauti Reader Mary Oyler, Boutique owner shares how she gets into #BOSSMODE




At Freckled Lamb, we help every woman find her inner and outer beauty, and confidence.  We are an online clothing boutique, based in Kansas City.  We pride ourselves on providing women with fashionable and practical clothing, at an affordable price.  Being a woman is hard enough, so we make fashion and shopping easy!  We do the hard work and bring you the best styles for the trends, season, and everyday life as a hardworking and beautiful woman. 

Our weekly Facebook Live Sales with our new inventory are an absolute blast!  Women can also shop our website at their convenience.  We love meeting new faces and connecting with our clients at popups all over Kansas City!

  • The creative spark:   I found my spark right after I had my son, Ari.  I was so excited to start wearing regular clothes again and was smaller than my pre-baby body.  I went to put on an outfit for a party we were attending, and nothing fit right.  Body parts were in different places.  Nothing looked right at all.  I knew I couldn't be the only woman experiencing this.  Thirty.  Baby.  A few too many margaritas.  Something had to be done.  While working a job, I was super unhappy, I played in the direct sales World and eventually left my teaching career to work from home with my toddler.  Soon after, the spark happened.  I was starting to feel like I was losing myself in the stay/work at home mom gig.  I was letting myself go, and my confidence had plummeted.  That's when the idea to start my online clothing boutique sparked!  Shopping doesn't have to be difficult for women and our ever-changing bodies.  I knew I could bring stylish and unique clothing to women.  I pitched the idea to my husband, and we decided we were ready to create an effortless shopping experience for women all over the country!  With a ton of research, a trip to the Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market, some wine, a few tears, and a lot of passion we launched Freckled Lamb in May of 2018!


Tips to get you into BOSSMODE: 

 1.  Find your passion and chase it.  Stop wasting time in a career that you are not passionate about.  When you find your passion and your why, you can build a career that makes you happy, which in turn will make you radiate confidence and beauty. 

2. Do your research, develop a business plan, and jump in!  Make sure you weigh out all of the factors and consider what you want your business to look like.  Think like a business owner but don't lose that passion for why you started this in the first place. 

3. Be a, "Learn It All."  Our business was created by a former elementary special education teacher and a data analyst.  We knew NOTHING about the business World, other than what we saw on Shark Tank.  Network.  Surround yourself with like-minded people.  Listen to podcasts.  Read books.  Call upon your friends and connections that are experts in the areas you are struggling.  Learn something new every day and implement it!

Setting my goals in motion:

In less than four months, we have accomplished many goals!  We have helped hundreds of women find their style and discover their best selves. I have been able to bring in my share of income, while I have the freedom and flexibility of being home with our son.  However, we aren't done there! 

Our biggest goal right now would be to make more sales through our website platform.  We are listening to webinars and chatting with marketing consultants to make this happen.  Again, being a learn it all.  Growing our Instagram following would be a HUGE help!  I am also working on launching my lifestyle/fashion/mom life blog, Diapers, and Dresses.  It's a work in progress. Also, a brick and mortar store could be in the future...

  • How I get into BOSSMODE? The days that I am 150% at my best, I do the following:
    1. Get up an hour before my husband and son do.   
    2. Work out.  It's so important to take care of our bodies, ladies. 
    3. Drink a cup of coffee by myself and set my intentions for the day.  I read, make lists, and get the bulk of my social media posting scheduled and out of the way.  This way, I can spend better time with my son.  
    4. Hair.  Makeup.  Clothes.  Research has proven when you get yourself out of bed and get yourself ready; you are so much more productive.  When you look good, you feel good, and you are prepared to take on anything! 
    5. When needed, I throw on some Snoop Dogg and get it done!