Grubhub and Women Chefs & Restaurateurs partner to advance female leadership in restaurants

 Grubhub, the nation's leading online and mobile food-ordering company, is announcing the launch of RestaurantHER, an initiative dedicated to supporting women-led restaurants nationwide, and committing $1 million to support this and other causes benefiting our communities.

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Starting today, Grubhub will contribute $1 up to $1 million for every person who pledges at to dine in or order delivery from women-led restaurants now through the end of Women's History Month in March. The first $100,000 of this pledge will be contributed to  WCR — Women Chefs & Restaurateurs to help advance female leadership in restaurants by providing resources for women seeking to advance culinary education and gain recognition in the food industry.

Grubhub's contribution to WCR will sponsor:

  • WCR's scholarship program, which supports and connects women in the culinary industry through formal apprenticeships
  • Development of a digital toolkit with resources to help restaurant operators build culinary leadership by running equitable kitchens and addressing gender issues in kitchen culture

"We are honored to unveil RestaurantHER to support women in leadership roles across the restaurant community," said Matt Maloney, the chief executive officer of Grubhub. "Closing the gender gap that leaves women occupying fewer than 20 percent of chef positions in the U.S. will ultimately introduce new creativity and expertise into our restaurants and no doubt elevate the entire culinary industry. We believe Grubhub has a duty to support women-run restaurants and promote more diversity, in the industry and on our platform, which will begin with RestaurantHER."

"We've always believed it doesn't have to be hard to run a fair and equitable kitchen," said Amanda Cohen, chef, and owner of Dirt Candy and treasurer of WCR Board of Directors. "This partnership puts us in a position where we can provide the tools, not just to women, but to all chefs and owners who have long wanted to do things differently but didn't know where to start."

To help diners locate and support restaurants run by women, Grubhub is unveiling a map on of woman-led restaurant locations nationwide. This map — the first of its kind — encompasses restaurants owned or co-owned by a woman or a kitchen led by a woman head or executive chef. Diners can also help expand the reach of the map by submitting a woman-led restaurant. To highlight the inspiration for the initiative, Grubhub is featuring stories from chef ambassadors, including the head of woman-led restaurant Thaimee Table.

"Being a chef is a responsibility and an honor, as we get a chance to feed someone's soul and make someone's day," said Hong Thaimee, chef, and owner of Thaimee Table. "I give Grubhub credit for developing the RestaurantHER initiative. It's nice to have a platform to empower women and I know a lot of my customers feel the same way."

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