GOODMEN: Guy talk with Psychic Medium Tyler Henry

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When we talk about Good Men we know Tyler Henry is on the top of our list. He is more than a medium and it is apparent that he emanates a very pure energy. Tyler truly wants to help people and not only does he have the gift but he has a beautiful heart. Speaking with him was an honor. Grab your cocktails ladies and gentleman. You don’t want to miss this interview.

You have your show Hollywood Medium, which has been a HUGE success! You’ve helped so many people connect with those who have crossed over to the other side. Talk to us about the first time you became aware of your own abilities and then how the show come about?  Did you have to do a reading for the producers (laughs) before it was picked up?

This all started for me when I was only ten years old. I had a premonition of my grandmother’s death. One night I just woke up and knew that she was going to pass away. I didn’t know how to explain it, but I just had this feeling. I went into the room and tried to tell my mom, and as I was explaining to her that we needed to say goodbye to my grandmother, we got a phone call. My mom picked up the phone, and it was actually the news that my grandmother had just passed away. I started working professionally as a medium when I was sixteen. Through word of mouth, I ended up reading various people, and my first celebrity client was Sarah Paulson.

How did the show get picked up by “E?” What was the process like for that?

It was funny because it kind of just fell into my lap. What ended up happening was I went to a Christmas party where I met our executive producer, and he was interested in a reading but was also a bit skeptical. So we sat down the next day, and I did this reading for him, and it really blew his mind. I made a very close connection to a friend of his. When he realized the impact this could have, he stood back and said, “wow this is interesting, maybe this is something that could be brought to television.” We shot a sizzle with three readings and, within about a month, E had offered to give us a show.

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It’s been said that many psychics and mediums actually can’t predict their own future. Do you believe this is true? What has been your experience with this?

I find for myself, that I am rarely able to tell my own future. In the times that I am, it usually has to do with something that is a life or death situation. For some reason, I think I am not able to read myself as much, and I really think it’s because of bias--because as human beings we have our own hopes, fears, and expectations and it’s difficult to put that to the side when it comes to ourselves. There are cases where if I am about to be in a dangerous situation, I will get a gut feeling. In fact, when I was eighteen years old, I had a premonition about a near death experience where I was actually in the car with my mom. We were driving, and I looked over at her and said, “mom, I think my brain is swelling.” Three weeks later, I was hospitalized with brain swelling and had to go into emergency brain surgery because I had a brain cyst. That was a life-changing moment.

If you could have cocktails with anyone living or dead (which you could haha) who would it be, and what would you drink?

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Edgar Allen Poe would definitely be my answer. I would have chocolate milk (laughs).

Most people know you as “Tyler Henry, the medium” but who is the real Tyler? If we were to spend a day with you on your day off, what would we be doing?

Well...I rarely have a day off, (laughs) but when I do, I end up doing the most boring thing possible. I just lounge around, take naps, and watch tv. I’m literally the most boring person when I’m not working because what I do requires so much energy. I spend time doing a whole a lot of nothing. I’m an only child as well, so I feel like it’s important to be able to decompress and be able to have that alone time.

Every one of us faces challenges and challenging times. Was there ever a time in your life you felt discouraged? If so, how did you overcome this? What advice would you give to others based on your own experience?

Definitely. I grew up in a very conservative and religious community. In the very beginning, when I would share these feelings that I would get with people around me, I dealt with a lot of religious opposition. In one case, I had shared something with a girl who I was going to school with, and she ended up telling her mom. Her mom held a prayer circle for me in the local church. I heard about it at school the next day, and it was really painful at ten years old to have someone hold a “prayer circle” for your soul. That experience was actually interesting because in the years that followed after this woman heard about me a little more and she actually ended up asking me for a reading (laughs). It kind of came full circle. I realized from that experience the importance of staying true to who I was. Even when it’s difficult, it’s important to stay true to who we are because it could ultimately be something that we can use as a gift later on. We may not realize that at the moment but what makes us unique is a gift and if we can stick with it, it can really change our lives.

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If you had a roundtrip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? If you could bring only one item with you what would it be?

I would probably go to...Tahiti and I would take a toothbrush (laughs).

Share a mantra/quote that you live by daily.

I would say, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
— Tyler Henry

It seems as if there is the possibility of an “after-life” even though it hasn’t been scientifically proven. There have been many people who have come out and shared their stories when they have “died for a couple minutes” and come back to life. They share similar stories of seeing loved ones, having an out of body experience and not being afraid of death after their experience. They say it’s a place of “unconditional love” and light. Some even say when they communicate with people it’s as if they are telepathically communicating.

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Can you share some words of wisdom for people who might have a fear of death? Also, for those who have lost loved ones, can you share some encouraging words with them that the people who have crossed over aren’t actually far from them?

Absolutely. My work as a medium reminds me every single day that in doing over a thousand readings, that our loved ones are never really that far away from us. They are always connected to us. I’ve also seen through my own near-death experience how the other side is not that far away. Anybody could be in the position where they face potentially transitioning. I think it’s vital that we know that our loved ones are around us through the validations we see and feel. Harnessing our own intuition is a significant part of that because it can allow us to see the signs when they are there, and it can help us navigate our lives.  

If we want our loved ones who have crossed over to come to visit us, how can we ask them to do that?

I think people should have more of an open dialogue with their loved ones and communicate with them as if they are still here in some way. I do believe that they pick up and feel our intentions. They can express a purpose back, and I often see that through signs and my own experiences.




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