#GOODMEN: A beautiful Conversation with celebrity chef Jake Smollett

A lover of food, family, and celebration celebrity chef Jake Smollett is one of the sought out talented and creative culinary chefs. Conversations with Jake is like talking to the perfect host. From a young age, he was exposed to a diverse culinary heritage and grew up open to all the deliciousness the world had to offer. Recently Jake found himself in the best collaboration with three out of five of his siblings. Jazz, Jurnee, and Jussie Smollett.

Some of whom are recognizable actors, with the launch of his new book The Family Table: Recipes and Moments from a Nomadic Life; Jake and his family plan on showing the world some of the most delightful and delicious recipes.

Not only that, TV One's newest entertainment network (Cleo TV) will feature the series, Living By Design, the hosting sibling duo team up to transform the living, work and play spaces of millennial families. During each episode, Jake and Jazz will enter the homes of a millennial, help them turn their design dreams into reality, then conclude with a delicious recipe curated by Jake Smollett to celebrate the redesigned space. We are excited to catch up with Jake and find out what's next. Enjoy our beautiful conversation below.

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Talk to us about what you have been currently up to.

Right now, I’m promoting my new cookbook The Family Table, which I wrote with three of my five siblings. It’s 130 recipes of family food we ate growing up. It’s doing well. I also just launched my YouTube channel--I’m currently producing and creating content.

We love your cooking blog! It's full of delicious recipes. What meal would you suggest for the perfect “date night”? How would you plan a romantic evening?

I’ve had many “home dates” (laughs). For me, I think the effort is in the details. People appreciate the small details rather than the extravagant stuff, so keep it simple but personal. As far as a meal goes, my goat cheese pesto pasta with a fried lobster tail is absolutely the meal I would make. It's light, and it’s fresh.

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About the book

In this warm and personal book, the Smolletts invite us all to take a seat at their table and enjoy the good times and good food that help families thrive. The Family Table includes more than 130 delicious, comforting recipes that pay tribute to their past and present

The Family Table: Recipes and Moments from a Nomadic Life
By Jazz Smollett-Warwell, Jake Smollett, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Jussie Smollett

If you could have cocktails with anyone, who would it be, what would you drink, and what would be your first topic of conversation?

My drink would probably be a whiskey with Chef Gordon who created the Celebrity Chef. He’s a fascinating dude. He’s done it all, like representing the Rolling Stones. Now, he’s chilling and cooking up in Hawaii. We would talk about food (laughs) and hosting gatherings. Both of us share the love of entertaining people. He’s the ultimate host.


I can't help but ask for the fashion enthusiast. What is the one item that has to be in your closet?

I love my Tom Ford Black Orchid cologne. I’m also getting into watches — the ones that are classic.

If we were to spend your day off together what would we be doing?

We would spend a day at the beach, chill out, and have a drink. I love being around water. We could even go rock climbing in Malibu.


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This industry isn’t always the easiest one. Was there ever a time you felt discouraged? How did you overcome that? What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to keep going or who is feeling unsure of themselves?

It’s a robust industry. I encourage you to keep at it: the people that win stuck with it, no matter what age you are you better keep at it. Rejection is the number one thing you see in this industry. I was auditioning from an early age until around eighteen when I stopped and decided that I was going to go full-force with my food career. You’ll audition for five roles in one week and not get any of them (laughs). It is something that kills your spirit. You’ll go years without making any money, so you would have to be passionate about it and keep going. It has to be a desire because it’s not easy. Have the drive and keep moving because it will hit at some point, you never know. Keep the faith.


What is a mantra that you live by?

Just do it (laughs). It’s simple, but it hits home. Just get up and do it.

Complete this sentence-never have I ever….

Skydived and I want too.


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