#GOAHEADGIRL: GIRLTALK with Sharon Beason, founder of Womeneur™

It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur as a woman. It takes determination, passion, and the will to accept the risk with the intention to leap and make your business dreams and goals come to life. Our latest #GOAHEADGIRL Sharon Beason is nothing less of a great woman entrepreneur, and she aspires to give back to other women by using the skills and resources her company Womeneur™ offers. This year celebrating the anniversary and her successful platform Womeneur.com Sharon launched WomeneurCon.  An all-day conference jam-packed with Keynote Speakers, panels, interactive listen & learn workshops. Learn more about it here.  Sharon is also preparing to release her first book. 
Today this Go-Getter joins us in this #GIRLTALK session to share a few startup tips and advice. 

Before you launch your business, you must do research, plan, and most all have certain necessities to start a successful business.
— Sharon Beason


I have been a serial entrepreneur since 2006, and I have learned a lot. I created Womeneur™ because primarily, I wanted to give back - to share the knowledge as a business owner I have gained during the years. I became hyper-sensitive to the mistakes startups, entrepreneurs, and business owners were making, and so I created Womeneur™ to propel their growth by providing tools, resources, events, and advice.

Share some tips to stay inspired & driving creativity.

I have an A-type personality. I am extremely self-driven motivated. There are moments I may have a pity party, but it is concise. I talk to myself a lot - positive thoughts, stay away from negative energy and I read a lot of business-related items. 

I try and create processes (automated if possible) for everything to avoid unnecessary, time-consuming & manual work;
Cultivate meaningful and authentic business relationships;
read, read - I am always reading a book about business to inspire my ideas and innovation and to keep up with what's happening in various business industries.

BREATHE Ladies mistakes happen.

I realized in the very beginning of my entrepreneur journey I would attend any and every event and took everyone's business cards. That was a BIG mistake! I wasted a lot of time and energy and trees (threw out so many cards). I learned to be very selective with the events I attended to target more onto my audience and only ask/take business cards from those I honestly felt a business relationship could foster.

How to keep the faith when things look dim?

It truly was during moments of feeling overwhelmed or even days when you believe people would react more to your product or service or your business should be further along than what it is. Well, those are the moments I go back to the drawing board and re-strategize - it always works
— Sharon Beason

How to stay on top of the Tech game?

I currently use Google Drive to help organize editorial schedules, staff schedules, business advisor apps and more.

If there is any tip, you would like females to walk away with what would that tip be? 

If you are going to venture into entrepreneurship, it is vital you do research and plan. Failure to see where you can fit into your industry and doing things randomly - without purpose and intent - is a roadmap to failure.


Some say women are overly emotional, sensitive, a bit sarcastic and moody. What do you have to say to that?

Have several seats!

100 pairs of shoes and only 2 feet! What was the last thing you bought for yourself?

Oh, my, goodness! Two boots and three shoes - in one order. Lol

If your cable package supplied only one channel, which would it be and what would you watch?

HLN (channel 77 on Cablevision). I always watch this channel which has shows about killings and murders committed by everyday people. Makes me aware that you never know what someone is thinking.

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