Girl Boss Alert: How to get employees back into work mode after holidays!

Nick Murphy, a career expert and founder of The Job Lab Podcast, has some tips for leadership on how to make it easier for employees to get back into "work mode" and catching up after a long holiday.

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  • Realize that people are people and cut them a little slack that first morning back. It's normal to catch up with colleagues and friends about the long weekend and get any stories out of the way early on. If they're not focused by Day Two, then it's fair to remind them that "we're here to get a job done" and encourage them to focus on it. 
  • Consider planning a team-builder or other event for the first day back. Sometimes it's hard to go from 0 to 60 right away, and something work oriented, but not routine, can be a great way to motivate employees to hit it hard when they get back to their desks.  Some ideas include: announcing quarterly award winners, trip tracker standings, special recognition, a charity team-builder, or the announcement of a new contest starting immediately.
  • Time any exciting announcements to coincide with the first day back, and definitely don't bring bad news to your team on Day One. They're coming in (presumably, much like you are) rested and refreshed. Inspirational news or positive business updates can get the fire lit faster and eliminate the possibility of a sluggish start to the work week.

Nick is a veteran workplace expert has held leadership positions at CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed before launching his thought leadership and consulting services business, Job Spot in 2014 and later, Mid-America Careers.

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