Girl Boss Alert: Claire Sulmers Speaks out about the take down of Fashion Bomb Daily

Doesn't she look the BOMB in that yellow?


we still have the website

Claire Sulmers founder of one of the most sought out online fashion websites shared a post today talking about Instagram shutting down her account filled with over 1 million followers. Claire starts out by saying "When Life Gives You Lemon, Make Lemonade." Then continued to share what she has learned in the days of losing her Instagram account Fashion Bomb Daily.

At 1.4 million followers, we were flying high, churning out content like a machine. Then Instagram decided to pull the plug, and we were left to twiddle our thumbs as the Instagram judge and jury determines our fate.
Working in fashion has never been easy for me. From the beginning, I was told that I wasn’t made for fashion, told ‘No’ more times than I could count, slept on bathtubs and crashed gates until I managed to create something I didn’t even realize the world needed: a platform where fashion lovers who didn’t fit into the traditional box could see themselves reflected in the screens looking back at them.

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Photo Credits: Claire Sulmers website