A beautiful conversation with reality star and entrepreneur Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is outspoken, gorgeous, incredibly talented and her confidence is something you can truly admire. When people say, “be yourself,” Kristin is the definition of that. On top of that, she’s created an entire empire for herself! She has a jewelry line called Uncommon James, a reality show, she’s an author of two New York Times best-selling books, and has a baby clothing line coming out this fall. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there she’s got big plans. Grab your cocktails ladies! You don’t want to miss this interview.

What’s your favorite beauti item?

I’m a mascara girl so it would have to be Giorgio Armani Mascara-Eyes to Kill.

If you could have cocktails with anyone, who would it be? What would you drink? What would be your first topic of conversation?

I want to have cocktails with Kate Moss (laughs). I would drink a dirty martini, and we would talk about fashion.

photos of Kristin Cavallari

As you know The Hills had a huge fan base, can you share a memorable moment you had with another cast member on or offset?

I have a lot of terrific memories. I went to the Bahamas with Heidi, Lauren, and Stephen. Heidi, Lauren, and I had a ton of fun together. I remember swimming in the pool, and we were laughing the entire time, and it was the first time we had enjoyed each other’s company. It was also the first time that I had spent time with Heidi, and I ended up liking her.

We’ve all had our ups and downs. Can you share a time where you felt discouraged? How did you overcome that? What advice would you give to others based on your own experience?

Early in my career, right after Laguna Beach, I was serious about an acting career. I went on thousands of auditions and being in the entertainment world you’re told “no” a lot. It can be very discouraging especially at such a young age. I would feel down about it, but I kept going, and I would book jobs but you book one job out of the hundred auditions you go on, and that can be tough. It ultimately got me to a place where my career took a different turn. The word “no” doesn’t stop me anymore. I always knew that I would be told no multiple times and I couldn’t let that stop me, so I kept going.

Photos of Kristin Cavallari

Manifestations: Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions (Albert Einstein). With that being said, of course, it is vital for us to put in the hard work to thrive and move forward, but a vision is everything too. You attract what you put out there. What do you see yourself manifesting in the next six months to a year from now, whether it’s in your life or career?

I’m launching a baby and kids clothing line called, “Little James.” I already know what’s happening in the next six months (laughs). I think that you get what you put out there and I’m all about envisioning great things happening. Six months is too soon-I’m imagining five years from now. I have different goals I set for my company and other things that I want to accomplish. That would include: purses, apparel, a skin care line and I want to bust my ass now so that when my kids go to school, I can travel the world (laughs).

Congratulations on your new series Very Cavallari! Tell us about how the idea for the show transpired. Who was the first person you called when you found out your show was picked up?

very cavallari graphic.jpg

I was meeting with a production company about doing a cooking show. I started talking to them about everything going on in my life, and my jewelry line was one of the things that came up. We thought there might be an idea for a show there, but I pressed pause on it. Then, once I moved to Nashville full-time, I thought, “okay, now that I’m living in one place and my husband is done with football, I can do a show.” I called them up, and I said: “let’s do it.” They went and talked to “E,” and the network gave us money to film a sizzle reel. Initially, I wasn’t supposed to be on the show. It was more about my staff-along the lines of Vanderpump Rules. “E” came back and said, “we’ll do it if it’s more about your life.” I had to get my best friend involved, my husband on board, and it morphed into what it has become. Once I got them on board, I said: “I’m game.” Then we filmed the show for a few months, and here we are.

Would you say this reality show depicts your life and work in “real or authentic” way?

This is the most real reality show you’ll find. I wholeheartedly stand by that. Of course, when editing every reality show and putting the episodes together, they might realize they are missing a scene to connect the dots, so you might have to go and film what’s called a pickup scene, but everything is based on a real story and real emotion. It is a real company, these are all my actual employees, and this is my real husband. It is the first show I can get behind and say, “this is me” and that’s a great feeling.

True Roots is a cookbook that hit the New York Times Bestseller list just two days after release! Your recipes focus on dairy free, free of refined sugar, and gluten-free! Wow, that’s incredible! What would be a fun meal to cook for a “date night”?

cook book.jpg

There are so many great options. The stuffed pork chop is a hit with my husband. He loves that one. There’s a duck recipe in there which I love with a caramelized blackberry glaze. Those sorts of things, whether it’s a stuffed pork chop or a duck with this amazing glaze, may seem elaborate and challenging, but they are not hard to make at all. If I can make them anyone can. It’s an easy way to impress.

You have your gorgeous fall jewelry line, Uncommon James, what are some of your favorite pieces from the collection? What are some items you would recommend to give as a gift?

I honestly think that anything in the collection is excellent for a gift because everything I do has an underlying simplicity factor. The whole collection is effortless, and everything is easily mixed and matched with what you already have in your closet. In that sense, anything is an excellent gift because everything is so simple that it’s just easy to incorporate into your style. My favorite pieces right now--there’s an earring called Baller. It’s more of a statement earring, and those are the earrings that I’m just grabbing these days. I love everything that I do, but with each collection, there are a couple that I tend to wear more, and right now I’m gravitating towards Baller. There’s a necklace called Starburst. It’s a gold circle necklace, and it has a little Starburst in the middle of it. It’s a great layering piece. I have it in a longer chain right now, and I’m also going to be offering it in a shorter chain as well.

You also have your kid's clothing line in collaboration with Australia-based baby line Sapling Child. What was the inspiration behind that?

My kids of course! What’s fun for me now is that I can work on something that my kids can appreciate. Now that I have samples of clothes coming that they can try on and model it. I think it’s an enjoyable experience for them. They genuinely have inspired the whole line. I think my daughter slightly more in the sense that--there are little icons on my website of things that she loves. She’s obsessed with her bike, and so we have a bike on the site and butterflies. Everything is based on my three kids. Usually, with kids clothing it’s either parent like it, and the kids don’t, or the kids love it, and the parents hate it. There’s no happy medium. For my clothing line, I wanted one that the parents love, but the kids also want to wear. My kids are now at that age where they are vocal about what they want to wear, and it can be a real challenge to get them into clothing I like as well. I feel like this line is marrying the two. Visit https://us.saplingchild.com/

When can people start shopping for Sapling Child? Where can they buy it?

November. I have it in my store right now, and it will also be launching in Nordstrom.

never have I ever….been to Paris.
— Kristin Cavallari