Advertisement page size 5x5

Advertisement page size 5x5

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5 x 5 poster on one page.

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Please email a photo of your ad to add to Volume 3 to subject line the name of your business. 

Duration: Is the time frame your ad will appear on BCGMAGAGZINE digital platform. 
Since BCG is online, updated using our 'KAIZEN' Philosophy, and may be read even ten years from now we created affordable options. BCGMAGAZINE links throughout multiple platforms which drive thousands even totaling millions of pageviews and unique visitors. 

By accepting this service and making a payment, you understand there are no guarantees that you will receive new or recurring customers/readers to your business/brand. You also understand that all payments are non-refundable due to the digital nature of our services. Also, the location of your ad page may change within the magazine and is not permanent for any advertiser.