Compete with yourself, not with others. 
— Sophia Amoruso

about our girl boss directory

Below you will find step by step instructions and information on our Girl Boss Directory called The Girlloop. For additional questions email

Who is "The Girlloop" for?

  • people looking to connect, meet or be inspired by girl bosses all over the nation

  • for the girl boss looking to be discovered.

About "The Girlloop" Directory

The Girlloop Directory is where you will find a collective group of creative, inspiring, career-driven females you need to know. You can search, or click a profile image to meet them and add them to your loop. It consists of women-owned/geared businesses, as well as industry professionals, i.e., blogger, actress and more. 
A beautiful profile for you + your company listed on our site brought to you by our modern and stylish magazine Style Verify. 

Membership starts at $10 per month. 

What do we include in your listing?

  • Your profile will include your website, contact information, and bio. 

  • You will be exposed to our readers.

  • People can search and find your profile it is not hidden behind the membership, google can crawl your profile.

  • Discount on advertising on our platforms.

  • When we have events, you also qualify for a free or discounted ticket depending on the occasion. 

  • Lister's may submit articles directly to our Database for publication consideration. 

  • Members can connect with or add other Girl Bosses to their loop. 

  • Add photos, blog, and get inspired by our Style Verify Editors or Listing Members. 

What makes us unique?

We handpick every loop member. Doing this allows us to list recommendable individuals as well as keep our directory tailored to our stylish visuals. 

What's great about the Girlloop it is searchable by outside visitors our members are not hidden behind a community they are in front of the everyday searcher in need of a Girl Boss service. We wanted to create a space where our members can be found on internet search engines by keeping their profile and live business links out in the open instead of behind closed doors. It allows them more exposure and as Style Verify Grows so does our members. 

Why "The Girlloop"?

Before The Girlloop we created a prominent online magazine called Style Verify which features celebrites such as Megan Fox, Steve Howey, Priyanka Chopra See more here
After meeting so many amazing women entrepreneurs, creators,  we wanted a way we can bring them all together in a non-competitive environment. An area where it is all about the individual profile and not the number of followers they have. An organized place where the listing is open to the public this way people from all over can find and be inspired by them.

What else do you get?

The girlloop also shares lifestyle articles, tools, and advice to help encourage and motivate entrepreneurs, creatives and career-driven women in all industries. 

Who will your listing be in front of?

Your listing may reach millions. We announce and introduce each person listed on Apple News. As our magazine Style Verify grows so will The Girlloop since we cross promote on both platforms as well as others.

How to get in the loop? And how much does it cost?

  • Start by requesting membership here 

  • Once you submit your application which is your profile description, our team will review it and let you know if you are in the loop by sending you an acceptance letter.

  • Please allow 24 -48 hours of notification. 

  • Once accepted you would start by choosing the best affordable payment plan to suit your listing needs. We offer featured or regular monthly and annually listings. 

  • What do we require for your listing to go live? Your best profile image,  business information and details shots of your products or styled photos for your services. 



Payment Options

About our Magazine "Style Verify."

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We are a multimedia platform under the umbrella of BCG Publication a reputable News/Media Network. 

SV delivers quick intro articles directing {HER} to people, places or things proven to add style to {HER} life. 

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